501+ Best Telegram Channels For Web Series Download In 2024

Download the latest web series from the best Telegram channels for web series. Join some of the best Channels that are providing web series in HD quality for free.

Telegram is well-known for movies and web series. If you’re a Telegram user and are looking for such channels, then you’re at the right place. We’ve found some of the best channels using which users can download free web series.

The content available on those channels can be accessed via mobile app and desktop app. People are consistently looking for web series from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sony Liv, Alt Balaji, and many other platforms. It’s not easy to get them all in one single place.

telegram channels for web series

With the help of the best Telegram Channels for Web Series, anyone can download and watch web series using the mobile app. All the content is provided free of cost to the users. The content is published for free to the Telegram channel for promotional purposes.

Members can also request new web series by joining the Telegram group provided by the admins. It is one of the most useful features as users can request new episodes if not available on the channel.

Platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, ALT Balaji, Voot, Zee5, Ullu, etc. are releasing new episodes of TV Series each week. It’s very hard to catch up with all the episodes. But now it is possible with the help of Telegram web series channels. Gain


Best Telegram Channels For Web Series

Here are some of the best Telegram channels for web series:

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Channel NameJoin Link
Free Web Series Join Channel
SonyLiv Join Channel
Free Web Series Join Channel
Ullu Web Series Join Channel
Fliz Movies Telegram Join Channel
Panchayat Join Channel
Dark Web Series Join Channel
Netflix Series Join Channel
Alt Balaji Web Series Join Channel
Fliz Movie Series Join Channel
Amazon Prime Video HD Join Channel
Mastram Series Join Channel
Netflix Hindi Web Series HD Join Channel
iNetFlix Xpress Join Channel
Prime Originals Join Channel
Popular Web Series Join Channel
Web Films Join Channel
Netflix Hindi Web Series Movies Join Channel
Netflix Movies Web Series Hindi Join Channel
Join Channel
Prime video HD
Join Channel
Zee5 Web Series
Join Channel
Zee5 Originals
Join Channel
Dirty Web Series Join Channel
Amazon Prime Video HD Join Channel
Web Series Join Channel
Prime HD Join Channel
Web Series Hub IndiaπŸŽ₯ Join Channel
Mirzapur Web Series Join Channel
Movie Series 🎬 Join Channel
Series Gangster Join Channel
Money Heist Join Channel
πŸ”ž 18+ WEB SERIES HD πŸ”ž Join Channel
πŸ”ž Web Series HD πŸ”ž Join Channel

Click on the Join Channel button and you’ll become a member of that web series channel. Once you’re a member, you can access all the files, episodes, and all other content available on that channel.

Note: We are not affiliated with the channels listed in this article. All the channels listed here are found via Telegram and we are not responsible for the content available on those channels. We’ve shared them for informational purposes only.

Free Telegram Channels For Web Series Download

Some users want to download web series directly to their mobile phone devices. If you’re one of them, here are some of the best channels to download web series on Telegram for free:

1. Free Web Series

All Web Series is one of the best Telegram channels for web series download. It provided a direct download link with quality up to 1080p. This is something that most channels aren’t doing right now. Some of the trending Netflix web series such as money heist, maharani, sunflower, etc. are available for free on all free series channels.

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free web series telegram channel

This channel also provides you with a discussion group. With the help of that group, users can easily request new web series or movies. It’s a very useful feature because if any show isn’t available on the channel, you can request it right away. We highly recommend you to join the channel as the requested web series are uploaded within a few hours.

Join Channel

2. NetFlix Xpress

NetFlix Xpress is for those who’re great fans of the Netflix web series. There is a list of awesome web shows on Netflix. Now the issue is the cost of membership. Yes, most of us can’t afford the subscription. But don’t worry, if you can’t subscribe to it you can still watch it by downloading it.

inetflix series

On this Telegram Channel, they regularly upload the download links of web series. And you can easily download the latest Netflix web show. The most important point is we only upload high-quality links. Make sure to join the other channels and groups that are being promoted in the channel as you’ll unlock access to more useful content.

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3. Amazon Prime Originals

Prime originals are a telegram channel for Amazon Prime’s web shows. People are not only addicted to Netflix but there is a huge demand for Amazon Prime web shows. That’s because Amazon Prime is also producing some of the top-notch series. Mirzapur Web Series is one of the top examples of that. Fans are getting crazy about new releases of shows on the platform.

prime originals

On Prime Originals, only HD web series that are available on the Prime Video platform is posted. Members of the channel can download all the episodes with one click. The quality of shows posted on the channel is 1080p and hence you don’t need to worry about the quality at all. It’s the best channel for those who want to watch web series in HD quality.

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4. Popular Web Series

The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years. And these billions of people not only watch Netflix and Amazon Prime but there are so many other online platforms that also telecast different kinds of other web series like Ullu, ALT Balaji, Zee5, etc.

popular web series

These platforms are little geographical-based means limited to a particular area or a particular genre. But still, they have a huge audience base. So we decide to create a different Telegram Channel for these platforms’ web shows.

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5. SonyLiv Web Series

SonyLiv is another best channel where users can get free access to all the SonyLiv exclusives. As of now, we’ve seen many popular shows such as Shark Tanks India, whistleblower, and many other web series. All the episodes are directly posted into the channel. There’s no need to visit the 3-rd party online drives to save the show to your device.

series gangster

SonyLiv is growing day by day and adding a huge audience to its base. With its rise, they are also increasing the number of web series and movies on their platform. That’s the reason that we’ve listed this channel as one of the best Telegram channels for web series.

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6. Cool Web Series

In this Telegram channel, we put download links of web films. In recent times we have seen that creators had shown interest in web films. You might have also seen that many movies are directly being published to the Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu platforms. It’s the new tactics of many film production houses to gain more popularity and viewers from all around the globe.

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web films

So that in this channel you will find download links of Web Films in high quality. Useful information and updates related to web films, such as the latest release Extraction, etc. can be found inside the channel. That’s how you’ll stay updated regarding all the popular movies on different platforms.

Join Channel

What Are Telegram Web Series?

In the last year, there is a great hike in web series production. Companies like Netflix and Amazon started the trend of creating web series. Now two things on which an audience gets attracted to web series that is web series provide something that a T.V. is not allowed for and the second point is that most of the web series broadcast all the episodes of web series.

Before web series, people have fixed their schedule for their favorite TV show, but with web series, people have the freedom to watch their favorite show when they are free without any advertisements. As I above said that web series provides something which mainstream T.V. doesn’t allow. Daily soap is much more filled with emotions and melodrama but one thing which you find in web series is their pure related content.

Web series are more concerned with social issues and having content related to our day-to-day life. And this is also another reason for its success all over the globe. Many creators also feel that online platforms provide them an extra space to deliver something that is not to telecast on T.V.

Most of the web series is based on categories like Live-in relationships, love stories, sci-fi thrillers, crime thrillers, etc. And these shows work because the viewers can connect with the issues which are shown in web series. These shows mirror our life and problems, which seldom find their way to the outlandish world of daily soap drama, with honesty.

Production and Distribution

Telegram web series are usually distributed via channels. In some cases, people might use some groups to share the files with all other people in the community. Thanks to Telegram as it’s the only social media platform that allows you to share video files up to a few Giga Bytes of storage.

Popular production houses such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Ullu, Alt Balaji, SonyLiv, Zee5 are producing many web series each year. The stories of those web series are usually based on problems related to society, science fiction, history, politics, or any popular story.

Web Series 2.0

Thanks to the advancement in technology as it now enables the common man to share their self-made web series. Most popular platforms such as YouTube is allowing their creators to post YouTube web series. Users can either post them directly to their channel or with the help of YouTube Originals.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter are also rolling new features that allow users to post their own self-made web series. It’s one of the best things social media platforms are doing these days. It’s empowering the imagination of a command man. Telegram channel for web series is also enabling users to download those web series for free.


One of the best things about web series is that it’s available in multiple languages. Because of that, we can watch the episodes in our own language. Many times, some shows are not released in our mother tongue. In such a scenario, it’s best to use the Dual-Audio format and switch to your own language.

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All the popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime are releasing one single web series in many different languages. It helps them to spread their show to many different countries and gain a huge audience.

Reasons Behind Joining Telegram Channels For Web Series

If you’ve some questions such as why prefer using Telegram channels over some websites and apps is simple. You’re being served with premium content for free on such channels and it’s free to join and download content from these channels. There’s no limit on anything and quick updates are posted to the channels.

Here are some of the coolest features which these Telegram Channels offer you:

  • Great UI: The user interface of Telegram is very simple and it offers a lot of different themes and stickers. Users can use those stickers and even can create custom stickers. Dark theme mode is supported and is very helpful at night. The application is itself very responsive and has over 4.5 ratings on PlayStore.
  • Fast Downloads: You’ll get great speed while downloading videos and movies while using the Telegram app. There’s no limit on downloads and the most important part is that all that data is stored on their servers and can be shared with any amount of people. They’re using cloud-based server architecture and hence it guarantees great download speeds.
  • No Ads: There are no ads served by the Telegram apps. You won’t see any ads while using the Telegram app and it makes it very good for all the users. Sometimes ads become very frustrating and it wastes our time. In Telegram, there are no ads.
  • Fast Updates: All the channels we listed here are providing most web series on the date of their release. Hence, there’s no need to visit any other channel to look for your favorite Web Series. Along with the Series Episodes, admins of these channels are also posting important and major updates.
  • Preview Feature: If you’re curious about the video and audio quality, you can use the preview feature of the Telegram app. Just tap on the play button and the video will start playing. If video quality isn’t good, you can cancel the download anytime without any issue.
  • 3-rd Party Downloads: Some of these channels also offer 3-rd party downloads. Hence, you can enjoy even faster downloads and amazing server speeds. With the help of 3-rd party downloads providers, it’s possible to use the download manager as well.
  • HD Quality Downloads: Check out how to download web series and download as many web series you want from telegram in HD. There is a lot of web series, which are mainly uploaded to the channel in full HD 1080 quality. So, don’t worry about the video quality as it’s always the best on all these Telegram channels for web series.


We’ve tried to add the most popular Telegram channels here which provides web series for free. All the telegram channels for web series provide series from Netflix, Prime Video, and many other popular platforms. Dual-Audio web series are also uploaded to the channel so that viewers can enjoy the series in their favorite language.

If you’re having trouble Joining the group or isn’t able to download web series from Telegram, then feel free to comment on your problem. We’ll try to resolve it ASAP and we highly recommend you update the Telegram app to the latest version so that you won’t miss the latest features and security updates.

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