Best 25+ Telegram Movie Channels [Hindi, English, Dual-Audio, Telugu, Dubbed Movies]

Looking for Telegram movie channels? Telegram is being preferred by millions of people from all around the world to send and receive multimedia messages. A lot of cool features are offered by Telegram such as Themes, Channels, Groups, Privacy, Security, and so on. The first thing which is most likable of the Telegram Messenger App that it has a very user-friendly interface and if you were a Whatsapp Lover than, I am pretty much sure that you will love this app too.

But if I tell you that Telegram has more features than WhatsApp. Yes, it is true because it gives a lot of cool features as themes change, channels link groups link, etc. Well, most people don’t know, some telegram movie channels provided direct movie file on their channels.

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Various movie channels provide different genre movies. Such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Gujrati, Tamil Movies, and so on. Such channels are very active and thousands of people are taking advantage of them by directly downloading movies to their devices. We’ve added a few selected list of best Telegram movie channels here so that you can join the best available channels. Click on the Join Now button to become a member of those channels. You’ll receive all the latest and updated movies directly to your inbox.


List Of Top Best Telegram Movie Channels To Join

Here’s the list of some of the Telegram Movie channels which you should join. Click on the Join button and select the Telegram app to open the link. Then click on the Join button on the app and you’ll become a member of that group.

Disclaimer: We’re not in touch with these groups in any way. We found these groups with the help of the Telegram search feature and we don’t have any other information regarding the content available on these channels. Join these channels as per your own wish/risk.

Channel NameJoin Link
Hindi HD Movies Join Channel
Hollywood English Netflix Movies Join Channel
HD Movies Join Channel
Feneo Movies Join Channel
Fox Movies Join Channel
iMovies Flix Join Channel
BluRay Movies Join Channel
Movies XPress Join Channel
Sci-Fi Flix Join Channel
Dual-Audio Zone Join Channel

1. iMovies Flix

iMovies Flix is for those who’re fond of Hindi and English movies. Those who are looking for quick updates on a Bollywood and Hollywood movies should join the iMoives Flix Telegram channel. All the trending and popular releases are quickly uploaded to the group and users can download them without any issue. The movie quality ranges from WebCam to BluRay. If the movie is newly released, you’re probably going to receive the recorded print.


Otherwise iMovies admins are adding most of the releases in HD 720p and HD 1080p quality. It’s better to check the channel on your own to know more. We’ve been taking advantage of this telegram channel for the last few weeks and are satisfied with their service. Click on the Join Channel button and be a member of iMovies Flix.

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2. BluRay Movies

If you’re a fan of BluRay movies and only watch movies with very high definition quality, then this channel is built for you. We’re saying this because you’ll only find BluRay-Rip movies on this channel. More than 5 titles are uploaded every single day. This means that you’ll never feel bored as there’ll be a new movie available to watch every single day.


As we all know that BluRay CDs are capable of storing high definition videos and movies. Hence, all the movies CD which are released to the public are mostly in BluRay CDs as it provides the ultimate HD experience. This Telegram channel for movies is providing all the content in HD BluRay quality. Join BluRay movies to learn more about it.

3. Movies XPress

MoviesXpress is one of the telegram movie channels where all the popular movies are uploaded to the group within a few minutes. It means you’ll get the movie on the same day of its release. There are thousands of people who’ve joined Movies XPress channel and are taking advantage of the group. Some movies are directly uploaded while some are provided by 3rd party file-sharing services.


Also, as we all know that on the same day of the movie release, it’s not possible to provide the HD quality. Most of the titles are provided in SD quality and most of them are HD-CAM quality. So, grab some popcorns and start watching the latest released movies. Keep this in mind that only Hollywood and Bollywood movies are provided in the Movies Xpress channel.

4. Sci-Fi Flix

A die-hard fan of Sci-Fi movies? Then stop wasting your time and join the Sci-Fi flix channel right away. That’s because you’ll get hundreds of latest and top-rated sci-fi movies on this channel. It includes all the Hollywood Sc-Fi movies, and also the ones which are released by Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. From Movies to Sci-Fi series, all types of media are being served. What we liked the most is that it shares almost all the Netflix web series which are related to the Sci-Fi genre.


As we all know that there are dozens of fiction movies released every single year and most almost all of them are loved by the people from all around the globe. That’s because the story and imagination in those movies are series is just outstanding. Some of them are aliens story-based and some are the prediction of humanity.

5. Dual-Audio Zone

Dual-Audio zone is one of the telegram movie channels we’ve found. It provides movies in multiple languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Chinese and so on. We all know the fact that watching movies in our native language gives another level of attachment to the movie and we enjoy it even more. That’s because we’re then comfortable with all the dialogues spoken by the characters.

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In the Dual-Audio zone, you’ll get all the popular movies that are released in multiple languages. There are very few telegram movie channels that provided movies in dual audio format. But in this group, all the movies are uploaded in multiple languages. All you need is a media player that supports multiple language formats. Click on the Join button to take advantage of the channel.

How to Download Movies From Telegram Channels For Movies:

You didn’t require any deep technical knowledge for downloading movies on Telegram and also not that hard though. It is so simple and easy that it does not even require any explanation. Just follow these simple steps given below-

  • Open the Telegram app on your mobile.
  • Open the channel and select the movie you want to download.
  • You will see an arrow in a blue circle on the movie link, click on that arrow.
  1. Your movie will start downloading.
  2. You can stop or pause the downloading as you desire.
  3. The movie will be stored in your phone storage. If you want to see the file, then go into the documents section of the Telegram folder in your phone storage.

Why Use Telegram App For Movies?

Some users might think about why to use Telegram over some websites or torrents from where they can easily download the movies. The reason behind this is simple, less hassle, direct downloads, full speed servers and so on. There’s no need to visit some spammy websites of torrent websites where users are being scammed.

Instead, use telegram channels for movies and download as many movies you want. Below are some of the extra features which you can enjoy while using the Telegram app.

  • Proxy Server:

If you were more conscious of your online security then in this case  Telegram allows you to use a proxy server that can help you in protecting your data or use the app in countries such as Russia where Telegram is banned. Hence, while using any of the Telegram movie channels, you won’t face any issue with the downloads.

If you got a little too excited about Telegram movie download channels and joined a few too many groups and channels and too many notifications annoy you then you can always mute them without leaving them. That’s a great feature for those who don’t want to skip out on anything stuff but just want to have some peace also.
  • Auto-Night Mode:

Telegram also features an auto-night mode that you can use during the night time. When you enable it on, the Telegram app automatically switches to dark mode. To enable the Auto-Night Mode, open the Telegram app, then go to Settings – Themes and click on Auto-Night Mode.

You’ll have two options to choose from: Automatic and Scheduled. If you opt-in Automatic mode, it’ll switch based on the ambient light. With Scheduled mode, the night mode will start at a time that you set yourself. You can also choose at what percentage of the ambient lighting you’d like the auto-night mode to start at.

  • Customize Your Telegram:

Telegram app also allows customization, you can create and enable your own made theme. Not only you can customize the app theme but there are many ways to change it and make your Telegram look exactly the way you want it to.

If you want to create your theme, go to Settings – Theme and click “Create New Theme”. There, you can paint it, and change different elements until you get the desired look. For those who don’t feel like spending time on creating their theme, there’s the option of searching for already made ones. Tap on the Search icon and search for themes that are already on Telegram.

You can also customize your chat background image. To do that, go to “Chat Background” in Settings.


Telegram messenger app which is becoming popular across the countries. You can easily locate this app on the play store also in-app store. Simply, you just have to register through your mobile number. And that’s it.

This app has an easy and simple interface you can also change the theme and can select either dark or blue, according to your convenience. You can download movies and other telecasted program through this app. Same here our groups will provide you movie files with HD quality that you can directly download or forward the file into saved messages where you can download the file later and the downloading speed is much faster.

Most people indeed join telegram for downloading purposes like apps, movies, tv shows, wallpaper, etc, and that is only through its cool features.

Telegram is not only limited to downloading purposes. It has Instant messaging like a messenger. I have used it for a long time.

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