Looking for some new and trending Telegram stickers? We’ve got you covered as there are more than 1000+ of them in our collection. You can install them with a single click. It’s simple as that, but if you’re not aware of the process, make sure to check out the process of installing stickers.


The day Telegram was released, they’ve promised people with new and never seen features. In this series, they’ve introduced the stickers feature. It was highly appreciated by the people and hence many other chatting platforms started to roll out stickers feature on their platforms.

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But as per our opinion, Telegram still rules the game as for users, it’s super easy to create stickers and share them with the world. Another useful feature is that whenever a user receives a Telegram sticker, he can check all the other stickers in that pack and can add it to his collection.

That’s pretty awesome because many other chatting platforms aren’t offering this type of facility to its users. People want to download Telegram stickers as per the current trend. So, without wasting your further time, let’s have a look at the available Telegram stickers pack on our website.


Latest and Trending Telegram Stickers Download [2020 Edition]

Here are some of the most requested Telegram stickers that you should check out:


The way people are communicating with each other is changing. It’s more about the multimedia than sending a simple text message. Conversations do have different categories. It includes some serious talks, chilling talks, informative chats, and funny chat.

People often use social media to have fun and loving conversation with each other. They need to have fun while texting each other. That’s where stickers play an important role. It adds some extra spice to the chat groups and channels.

You might have seen people sending trending memes, festival, politician, character stickers to each other. That shows us how much interest people are showing on the trends going around the world. You should also join the league as it allows you to talk with others most creatively and funnily.

What are Telegram Stickers Pack

If you’re confused about what Telegram stickers are, then we will try to sort it out for you. The way stickers pack differs from a sticker is that pack contains dozens of stickers inside it. It’s like a class containing students.

A pack can more one or more stickers in it and users cannot add a single sticker alone to their device. Instead, telegram allows users to add the entire pack to their devices. That might not be suitable for more users but that’s all which is being offered yet.

The cool thing about the Telegram stickers is that when someone sends them to your inbox, you can easily tap on it to check out the pack information. It helps you to know what are the different types of emojis and animation that are being offered.

popular telegram stickers download

All the stickers that we’ve collected are found on the internet or social media websites. Creators from all around the world are often seen sharing some new stickers with users.

People are going crazy about Telegram stickers and the reason behind is the way they’re crafted. Telegram now allows creators to add emojis to their stickers. It helps users to understand the real feels of that sticker. Isn’t that awesome as it helps everyone to understand the feelings of that single image that you’ve shared in a chat.

According to Telegram, stickers are completely free and always will be. That’s because they believe in providing the best quality apps to users for free. They’re not selling any user data or running any ads on their platform. They completely rely on the donation that helps in running the Telegram platform.

Stickers vs Emojis

Few people will compare stickers with emojis. If you’re also doing the same then you should stop as both are completely different from each other.

Emojis are ideograms that are being used by people when sending electronic messages. Almost every single multimedia chatting platform is now supporting emojis. Emojis are of many different categories and represent different things. It includes emotions, objects, nature, animals, and so on. Most platforms don’t allow users to add new emojis and hence are limited by the application/platform owners.

telegram sticker vs emoji

Whereas sticker is a piece of art or label that is either printed on a piece of paper or is electronically available. Few platforms allow users to send stickers while chatting. But the interesting part is that one can add multiple stickers to their collection. Those are shown to the receiver even if they have not installed that specific sticker in their application. Telegram has one step further by enabling creators to add emojis to their stickers. This feature might be useful for many people whereas some people might fund it useless.

That’s the main difference between stickers and emojis. Both are awesome and useful while doing multimedia chats with our friends and family members. They help in adding extra fun in the chat and are also useful in showing our expressions/emotions without typing a text message.

Features Of Telegram Stickers

Now let’s talk about the features that are being offered to the users. Do you know Telegram is offering $100 to artists who’re willing to submit their creative stickers to the platform! You’ve heard it right and you can be the next person to grab that opportunity. Not only the money but you’ll get credits and an opportunity to gain a lot of exposure worldwide.

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We’ve previously talked a lot about Telegram stickers and their importance in multimedia chatting. But now, let’s find out some of the very useful and important facts that you should know about.

According to the officials of Telegram, they always tried to reinvent ordinary tools and make them more useful, modern. They’ve done the same with the stickers. It’s created in such a way that both artists and normal users can share their emotions. Here are some of the useful facts about stickers on Telegram:

  1. Artists can submit their stickers to Telegram and once it’s approved, they’ll receive $100 along with the credits.
  2. It’s very easy to turn your creative art into stickers using the platform itself.
  3. We can install all the stickers for free without using any 3-rd party application.
  4. Stickers will appear to other users even if they’ve not installed the same pack.
  5. There are about 20K available sticker packs verified by the Telegram and users can use them for free.
  6. One can turn almost any image/art to sticker using the Stickers Bot.

For some more cool facts and updates, make sure to read their official blog. They keep posting changes and updates which they’ve introduced into the platform.

Pros Of Using Stickers On Telegram

We’ve seen in many cases that many other major chatting platforms are copying the thoughts and features from Telegram. The same goes for the sticker’s features as soon after being introduced, almost all the other chatting apps launched the same feature in their app. There’s nothing wrong with that but it gives us a clear thought that Telegram always tries to stay ahead of the competition.

Now, we’ll try to cover some of the highlights and advantages of using stickers when texting your loved ones. Here are the advantages of using Stickers:

  • Expressing Your Emotions: When using stickers, it’s likely to express your emotions in a better way. A lot of packs are designed by creative artists which helps people in expressing their feeling with each other.
  • Add More Fun To Chats: Back in days, chats were awesome even without emojis. But with time, people need something more interesting and that’s where emojis plays their major role. Now, these days, users need some extra spice, and stickers are something that fulfills their needs.
  • Increase brand Reach: Not only users but even brands can take advantage of it by creating the stickers related to their brand/products. If the pack is creative enough, it’ll gain a few thousand installs or even more and it’ll result in more people knowing about the brand/products.
  • Share Your Art: Anyone can start creating their art and share them with the world. Many chatting platforms, e.g Telegram itself credits and give money to artists who’re willing to share their art on their platform.
  • Increase Engagement: If you’re running a Telegram Channel/Group, one of the best ways to increase engagement is by posting stickers. It’ll increase the curiosity of the reader and hence the overall channel/group engagement will increase.

Types Of Telegram Stickers

Those who’re concerned about the types of stickers that they can try should know that there’s no limit so far. However if a pack is so controversial and doesn’t meet the community guidelines, it’ll be banned by the Telegram. otherwise, people can create and share any type of stickers they want to. Here are some of the widely used categories:

  • Emotions
  • Memes
  • Animals
  • Festival
  • Religion
  • Celebrities
  • Trends
  • Nature
  • Adult
  • Cartoon
  • Anime
  • Movies
  • Tech

You’ll find out that there are thousands of stickers available in these categories. They can be downloaded from our website or from the Telegram app itself as users keep sharing them in the chat rooms.


How Stickers are Made?
Artists can create art and export it in a PNG image file format with a 512X512 image size. Those PNG images can be turned into Telegram stickers.
How To Download Telegram Stickers?
You can either tap on the sticker that is sent to you by someone and can add it to your collection. Or visit some stickers sharing forums/groups to gain access to some more cool stickers pack.
How To Find Telegram Sticker Packs?
More sticker packs can be found on Groups, Channels, Forums, and searching for it online. We’ve also covered some of the trending stickers pack on our website.
How To Transfer Telegram Sticker To WhatsApp
There’s no way to transfer Telegram stickers to WhatsApp. Both platforms are different from each other and the way they allow users to install new stickers is also different. However, you can look for the sticker pack for WhatsApp that you want to install. If it’s available for Telegram it’s more likely that someone has shared it for the WhatsApp platform as well.


Using Telegram Stickers is indeed one of the best ways to add more interest to the chatrooms. Millions of people are using them to share their emotions and feelings with each other. If you’re not using stickers, then you’re probably missing a big feature offered by the platform. If you’re created a sticker pack, then leave a comment or contact us and we’ll add it to our website so that others can use them.

Make sure not to download stickers from suspicious places. Never install any 3-rd party application to download stickers and there’s no need for that as it can be installed using the app itself. All you need is the sticker link and Telegram will guide you through the additional steps.