How To Make Telegram Stickers | Create Your Own Stickers Pack

The latest version of Telegram supports stickers and the most important part is that we can make Telegram stickers on Android, iPhone for free. We’re here to let you know the exact process on how to make Telegram stickers. It’s super easy to create your Telegram stickers and share them with your friends.

You don’t need some 3-rd party applications to do that. That’s because Telegram provides an Official bot that can be used to create and publish your stickers. We need is some predesigned PNG images with a size of at least 512X512 pixels. For example, you can check out some cool stickers to know more.

make telegram stickers free

People from all around the world are creating some interesting stickers that can be used by the majority of people. If you’re also an artist or have some cool ideas, then we highly recommend you to learn how to create Telegram stickers on Android, iPhone, and Computer. The process we’ve shown can be followed when using Telegram on PC.

When someone creates a sticker pack, Telegram gives them a live link. That link can be shared on different platforms so that other people can add stickers to their devices. That’s an amazing feature as it helps creators to share their stickers with a wide range of audiences.


Prerequisites To Create Telegram Stickers Pack

The steps to create a Telegram sticker pack is quite simple. But, there are some things that you need to take care of before getting started. It included adjusting the image sizes, dimensions, and so on. Here are the major prerequisites to get started:

  1. Make sure your mobile device has the latest version of the Telegram app installed from the Play Store or the iTunes Store.
  2. You’ve predesigned the stickers and are available on your device.
  3. Make sure all images are at least 512X512 in size.
  4. Image file size shouldn’t be larger than 512KB.
  5. Images should have a transparent background with a PNG file format.
  6. Add shadow effect and 3-D styling to make stickers look interesting.
  7. Verify that images you’re using don’t infringe copyrights of others.
  8. Make sure that the images you’re using meet the Telegram community guidelines.
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How To Make Telegram Stickers On Android and iPhone

Here are the steps to make Telegram stickers:

1. Open the Telegram and tap on the Search button.

2. Search for @stickers username and select the first option which is an official sticker bot.

make telegram stickers

3. Tap on the Start button and a list of some commands will appear on your screen.

make telegram stickers on android

4. Tap on /newpack option to create a new pack.

make telegram stickers on iphone

5. Give a name to your Sticker Pack and click Send. We’re naming our pack as TelegramTutor.

make teleagram stickers on ios

6. Now upload your images as files. Click on Media>Files.

how to make telegram stickers

7. Select the PNG image with dimensions of 512X512 and below 512KB in size.

how to create telegram stickers

8. Add emoji to your sticker by tapping on Emoji and choose your favorite one.

create telegram stickers for free

9. If you want to add more PNG images to Sticker Pack, send more PNG files, else select /publish.

custom telegram stickers

10. Browse for a 100X100 PNG image if you want to add an icon to the pack. Otherwise, select /skip ad it’s optional.

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own telegram stickers

11. Create a unique URL address, you can use your brand name. This URL can further be used to share your stickers.

make custom stickers on telegram

12. Click on the URL path to browse your stickers.

how to make telegram stickers on pc

13. Now share the Stickers Pack URL on social media to gain some installs.

Additional Features Provided By Telegram Sticker Bot

Now let’s talk about some additional features provided by the Sticker Bot. As per the bot description, it helps users to create a sticker pack by providing supported image files. Here are some key features offered by the bot related to Stickers & Masks:

  • Create New Pack: Create your sticker pack by providing valid information to the bot.
  • Create New Masks: Make your custom mask by following the guide.
  • New Animated Stickers: Telegram also supports animated stickers and this bot can help you to create them for free.
  • Add Sticker: If you want to add some more images to the pack, select this option and add as many images you want.
  • Edit Sticker: Edit the emoji and other details related to a sticker.
  • Order Sticker: Re-Order the position of stickers in a pack.
  • Delete Sticker: Delete a sticker image file permanently from a pack.
  • Delete Pack: Delete the entire pack.
  • Stats: Get stats of a sticker e.g how many times it’s shared with people.
  • Top: Get a list of top stickers.
  • Pack Stats: Get stats such as several stickers used today, Installation status, Removal stats, etc.
  • Pack Top: Sort packs according to the number of usage and installation.
  • Pack Usage Top: Get usage stats of your top packs.
  • Cancel: Cancel the current operation to start again.
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All the features that we’ve listed above can be accessed while interacting with the bot. These features are offered to create/manage the stickers pack created by the users. That’s amazing because in the future we can add more cool stickers to existing packs, or can delete them if needed. People are often creating meme stickers and gaining thousands of installs on them.

We highly recommend you to use Photoshop to edit and resize the icons. Photoshop provides all the features of the necessary tools to create images. We can use any animation tool or even MS Paint to do that. Just make sure the dimensions and file format matches the Telegram guidelines.


We hope you’ve learned the process to create Telegram stickers. The process is quite simple and can be followed using a mobile or PC. Many brands and famous creators are often seen creating their stickers and sharing them with their audience. That’s because it helps them in increasing their audience reach. That’s the reason Telegram has made it so simple so that people can create stickers pack as quickly as possible.

If you’re facing issues in creating your pack, then you must leave a comment down below. A person from our team will help you troubleshoot that problem. Make sure to share the article with your creative friends so that they can also create some stickers and share them with the world.

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