15+ Best Telegram Channels For Betting (Cricket, IPL Betting)

Telegram is one of the best places to learn some tips and tricks on betting. We’ve shared a list of the 15 best Telegram channels for betting. People share Cricket and IPL betting tips in these channels. If you’re lucky enough, some people are also sharing cricket teams whose probability of winning is high.

Betting is considering gambling but there’s also another fact that it’s played in almost every nation worldwide. People love to play fantasy games by creating their imaginary teams on different platforms such as Dream 11, Fan fight Fantasy, My11Circle, MyFab11 apps, etc. They want to try their luck and if it works, a huge amount of money is awarded to the winners in some cases. The rule is simple, you create your fantasy team, bet the amount allowed by the app in that slot. Once the match is over, the money will be awarded to the player. If your team ends up in the #1 position, the highest amount allowed in that spot will be awarded to you. The team which is ranked lowest will lose the money.

Best Telegram Channels For Betting

So, basically, it’s like betting and people are enjoying it a lot. However, if you’re new to fantasy sports platforms, you need to join the best Telegram channels for betting. That’s because those channels are sharing some of the unspoken tips and tricks which guide you through making a team whose probability of winning is high. The more matches you win, the more money you’ll make on betting apps.

Some of the Telegram channels for betting are also sharing the best teams whose chances of winnings are high. Consider the fact that when making the team, you need to select the best players whose performance in the match will be high. The best performance of that player puts weight on your team. Telegram betting channels are sharing very useful information that helps new players to make very precise teams.


Best Telegram Channels For Betting

Here are some of the best Telegram channels and groups for free betting tips and tricks:

Channel NameJoin Link
Dream 11 Prediction Join Channel
Dream 11 Cricket Betting Join Channel
Fight Club Join Channel
Channel For Betting Join Channel
Fantasy Fighters Join Channel
IPL Betting Channel Join Channel
My11Circle Join Channel
My11Feb Betting Join Channel
My11Circle and MyFab11 Join Channel
Cricket and IPL Betting Join Channel
BalleBaazi Join Channel
TenCric Join Channel
CricInformer Join Channel
Playing Official Join Channel
Alpha Fantasy Join Channel
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There are some of the best Telegram channels for cricket betting tips. People have formed a community in these channels, groups and are sharing some of the best guidance to create winning teams daily. Even if you’re a Dream11 user or My11Circle user, people in these communities are sharing some of the best teams.

Winning on fantasy cricket apps is simple, create the best team and wait for the match to end. But it’s not easy to form good teams as it requires expertise in judging every player. Facts such as player’s past performance, previous match results, and many other key aspects are judged before adding that player into your team.

Top Rated Telegram Channels For Cricket Betting Tips and Tricks

If you’re still confused about which channel you should join to take tips, then you should take a look at the top-rated list. We’ve checked all the channels in this list and we found that these betting channels are providing valuable tips to their members. Some of the channels are also providing telegram groups for public discussion. This way, you can discuss your team and get suggestions from other fantasy cricket players. It’s really useful when you want to create a fantasy cricket team.

Here are the best-rated channels for cricket betting tips and tricks:

1. Dream 11 Prediction

This is one of the best Telegram channels for cricket betting tips. If you’re using the Dream 11 app for creating cricket fantasy teams, then this channel is a must. People are daily posting new matches, match details, dream 11 teams, and many other tips that can help you a lot. This fantasy game app is also covering many other sports other than cricket. People in this channel are sharing all the teams and tips for those matches as well. Hence, it’s an opportunity for you to cover almost all the Indian sports on this fantasy sports gameplay app.

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Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

However, Cricket betting and IPL betting are some of the major sports this channel is covering. Users in the community are sharing their results as well. How well the team performed and the amount of money they’ve made in that particular match. This is amazing because it gives you almost every guess for creating your next awesome Dream 11 cricket team.

2. IPL Betting Channel

IPL is one of the most-watched Indian cricket sports worldwide. During IPL, a huge amount of user surges are commonly seen on fantasy cricket gameplay apps. People from all around the world want to create their best IPL cricket team to stay on the top of the team’s charts. IPL King channel is helping such users to create their first team after researching the players and other information about the match.

IPL Betting Channel on Telegram

Every single year, players are shuffled between the teams, and new players are also introduced. When IPL introduces a new player, you should have the proper judgment whether that player can be worth adding to your team or not. Hence, it requires experts’ opinion and that’s where the telegram channel for IPL betting comes into role.

3. My11Feb Betting

Another great betting channel you should join right away. They share tips, tricks, teams, player details, and whatnot on their channel. It’s a must channel for new users who don’t know much and are looking for help. Admins of the group claim to be an analyst and provide expert advice to their members. Other than cricket, football predictions and teams are also shared.

My11Feb Betting Telegram channel

Always keep in mind that these channels and groups are only providing advice and their own predictions. You can use your own judgment and knowledge to sort out the players you’re adding to the team. This way you’re gonna learn a lot and chances of winning high amount get increased.

4. BalleBaazi

Get hands on to winning teams and tips for the Ballebaazi app. In fact, if users are facing some issues with withdrawal, or getting entry into the slot, people in this betting group will help you with this. All the promo codes and coupons are also being shared in the channel. That’s awesome because sometimes, with the help of coupon codes, people are getting free entries in the match.

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BalleBaazi betting group

Sometimes apps are running offers and players should take advantage of such promos and offers. BalleBaazi channel is sharing such promos so that everyone can take advantage and make more money from the app. Click the Join Now button to become a member of this group.

5. CricInformer

Cricinformer is another great channel to get amazing tips and tricks on fantasy cricket games. The amazing this about this best channel is that it shares tips related to every app out there in the market. They’re covering almost every single sport and regularly sharing the best teams with all the members.

CricInformer telegram channel

Free betting tips shared by the analyst of these channels help you create a strategy that helps you to create an awesome team. Also, take advantage of various tips and tricks shared by the admins of the CricInformer Telegram channel. To join the channel, click on the Join Now button given down below.


Fantasy gameplay is one of the rising businesses and apps are introducing eye-catching features to the users. Dozens of legit betting apps are out there that offer thousands of team slots and you can bet your real money on those apps. If you’re new to betting apps then we highly recommend you to join the best Telegram channels for betting. Such channels will guide you throughout your journey. They’ll suggest which app to use, the best ways to make cricket teams, and many other suggestions to boost up your winning amount.

We also recommend you not to waste your hard-earned money on these apps. You should play such games for fun purposes only. If you’re losing your money every single time, then stop and learn from those who are doing well in it. That’s where Telegram channels are going to help you a lot. If you know any other great channel that shares such cricket betting tips and tricks, let us know in the comment section.

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