35+ Best Telegram Anime Channels For Movies and Web Series

Join the best Telegram Anime Channels and gain access to your favorite movies and webs series for free. Telegram Anime channels will keep you updated with the latest anime-related news, movies, and much more.

Anime is becoming the favorite entertainment among youth. Japan is the origin country of anime where hand-drawn cartoons/computer graphics are used to create anime. Here we’ve listed some of the best Telegram Anime Channels to watch anime movies and web series.

The main reason behind the popularity of anime is its characters and stories. Most of the characters are having large eyes, body structures, and shapes. The graphics are designed in such a way that it attracts more and more people. Another reason behind the popularity of anime is its stories.

telegram anime channels

Anime stories help people to connect and relate to the events happening. There are many different sources to download and watch anime from. But no one can match the speed and accuracy that Telegram channels provide in this case. Many Telegram channels for anime are posting the latest stories, anime stickers, movies, and web series.

If you want to take advantage of such channels, join Anime channels on Telegram. Movies and web series are regularly uploaded to those channels and you should definitely take advantage of them. Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z, etc. are available for free on those Telegram channels.


Best Telegram Anime Channels

Here are some of the best Telegram anime channels for free movies and series:

Channel NameJoin Link
Naruto Anime Death Note Join Channel
Anime Library Join Channel
Anime Gallery Join Channel
Anime Library Movies Join Channel
Anime Series Manga Episode Join Channel
Anime Series Join Channel
Animeze Join Channel
AnimecA Join Channel
Demons Layer Eng Dub Join Channel
My Hero Academia Join Channel
Dr Stone Join Channel
CowITA Join Channel
Dragon Ball Series Join Channel
Anime World Join Channel
One Piece Dubbed Join Channel

Note: All the Telegram anime channels listed here are found online via various sources. We are not responsible for any type of content available on those channels. TelegramTutor is not affiliated with these channels in any way. Join them at your own risk.

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Top Rated Telegram Channels, Groups For Anime Movies, Series

Here are some of the top-rated Telegram channels and groups for anime:

1. Naruto Anime

Naruto Anime is our first suggestion because it provides content on daily basis. All the trending and most demanded anime movies and series can be found on this Telegram channel. As of now, 1000s of animes are posted to the channel and you can download all of them for free. We can use our mobile app or desktop to download the shows available on the Naruto Anime channel for free.

naruto anime telegram channel

If you’re a hardcore Death Note anime fan, make sure to join this channel. All the episodes are added to the channel for free. Other major Anime shows such as Two Saviours, Naruto Shippuden, etc. are also freely accessible from this channel.

Join Channel

2. Anime Library

This is a channel that provides all types of anime content. It includes Anime Movies, Series, Wallpapers, Stickers, and much more. One of the key advantages of the Anime Library Telegram channel is that it’s not focused on any particular series/movie. It goes through the trending anime in the market and provides the file to its members.

anime library telegram channel

The key advantage of joining Anime Library is that it provided files directly to the group. There’s no need to visit any 3-rd party file servers to download your favorite anime. All you need to do is join the channel, look for your anime and download it for free.

Join Channel

3. DrStone

Fan of DrStone anime? We’ve got you covered as you can now download the entire series for free from Telegram. Join the DrStone telegram channel and download all the episodes in one go. Millions of fans are looking for a resource to watch/download DrStone anime. It was released back in 2022 and since then new episodes are released by its creators.

drstone anime telegram channel

It’s an adventurous and science fiction-based anime. Join the best Telegram Anime Channel and get your hand on this trendy anime for free. All the episodes are available in 1080p video quality with subtitles and good audio quality.

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Join Channel

4. Anime World

There’s a different catch to this channel. It’s not particularly made for the anime but all the anime-related memes, arts, news, etc It helps you find all the different links that will help you discover all other anime-related channels and groups. If you’re a daily Telegram app user, it is a must for you to join this channel.

telegram channels for anime series

Memes and arts are posted to the channel on daily basis. It helps you discover more over the internet and make your day awesome. Click on the Join Channel button to become a part of this Telegram channel.

Join Channel

5. Anime Series Manga

Fan of Manga series? Anime Series Manga is of the best Telegram anime channels out there. You’ll find all the latest and trending manga series on this channel for free. All the manga can be downloaded to your mobile device so that you can read it later on. The manga stories images are uploaded in HD quality. Hence, there’s no compromise with the quality.

telegram channels for anime movies

Manga is read by millions of people from all around the globe. Artists have fantasized about the different characters and stories in the form of art. Join the Manga Telegram channel and gain access to free manga.

Join Channel

About Anime

Anime is originated in Japan and the earliest Japanese art date back to 1917. So you can say it is a very old form of art and is now modernized to gain an audience. Back then Anime animations were created with hands and multiple frames were grouped together to create animation.

But these days, Anime is created with the help of computer-generated graphics. Anime characters are generally represented in the form of big eyes, big bodies, etc. It’s most loved among youth and hundreds of anime movies and series are read daily by millions of viewers.


These days, anime is usually made using computer graphics. The entire process includes creating the characters and then animating them. There are a lot of voice artists giving voice to different characters. The entire process takes huge time and different studios are included in the process.

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Before computer graphics, stop animation was used. Those were the very earliest forms of Anime. People still love to watch Anime that are produced using the Stop Animation process.


If you take a look into most popular Anime Characters such as Edward Elric, Levi, Monkey D. Luffy, etc. Most of those characters are having big heads, height, details on their bodies. The hairstyle of characters is generally unnatural, spiky hairs, with a lot of different colors in some cases.

For new viewers, those characters might seem very dramatic and unusual. But anime lovers know the importance of those characters. Because of the fact that Anime is all about imagination and entertainment, artists have put their all the imagination into the character resulting in unnatural and dramatic characters.


Music is most often one of the interesting parts of Anime. The entire movie/series is full of dramatic drumrolls, scary sound effects, etc. In fact, the dubbing and voiceovers of Anime shows are also done in a most dramatic way. Producers make sure that the voiceover matches the character shape and size.


The genre of Anime can be categorized into many various streams. It can be watched by children and adults too. The stories and characters of Anime are different in every genre. Science Fiction, Space, Universe, etc. are some of the trending genres in Anime.


We hope you’ve joined the best Telegram Anime Channels for movies and web series. We’ve tried to provide you with all the different genre channels. Some channels are limited to a single or few anime movies and series. However, most of them are posting new and updated anime series.

If you know some more channels related to Anime, leave them in the comment section down below. We love to share such suggestions with our audience.

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