How To Block Someone On Telegram | For Android, iOS, Window and Mac Devices

In this article, we discuss “How To Block Someone On Telegram”. So, without wasting time let’s get started.

If there is someone who is bothering you on Telegram and you want he/she no longer texts(messages) you or try to contact you, the best way is to block him or her, blocking means they will not be able to contact you anymore, they cannot send you a message in Telegram chat.

How To Block Someone On Telegram 7


Steps for Android Smartphone: How To Block Someone On Telegram

How To Block Someone On Telegram 1


How To Block Someone On Telegram 2

  • Click on the three-line icon ” ☰ “ top left corner of the screen.

How to block someone on Telegram 3

  • Open the Setting option from the menu.
How to block someone on Telegram 4
How to block someone on Telegram 4
  • Select the  Privacy and Security option for the menu.
How to block someone on Telegram 5
How to block someone on Telegram 5
  • You will see the block user option Under the Privacy settings tap on that.
  • Now you can block anyone from your contact list on Telegram, tap the Add button on the top right corner and select the contact to be blocked.

Steps for iOS Devices: How To Block Someone On Telegram

How To Block Someone On Telegram 6

  • Open up the Telegram app on your iPhone.

How To Block Someone On Telegram 8

  • On the bottom of the screen, an option named as Chats will appear. Click on this option.

How To Block Someone On Telegram 9

  • Click on the person’s chat which you want to block.
  • Click on the person’s profile picture.
  • Redlink at the bottom of the menu as “Block User”.
  • Click on it and person will be blocked from your side,

Steps for Window and Mac: How To Block Someone On Telegram

  • Open Telegram on your PC or Mac, It’s in the Applications folder on a Mac and the menu on a window PC.
  • Open the contacts in the telegram app and click the contact you want to block. Your contacts appear in the left column.
  • Tap on the contact you want to block. Your contacts appear in the left column.
  • Click Block user, a pop-menu will be displayed ” This user will no longer be able to contact you on Telegram”.
  • Click on the confirm (ok) button to block him/her.
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So, these all were the steps for How To Block Someone On Telegram.

Reason To Block People

There can be countless reasons to block anyone on telegram some of them are:-

They write cruel, mean or especially sarcastic answers, comments, and/or replies to you that can be a foremost reason to anyone on telegram.
They may be a scammer and try to scam with you in that case you might block them.
One reason can be that you want them not to be a part of your telegram family because of his/her annoying behavior.
If he/she is violating telegram group chat rules and regulations you can block the person instantly.

Blocking Someone Does Three Things:-

  • You no longer get notification of their direct messages.
  • They cant see your display picture (icon).
  • They cannot see your online status also.

What happens if I block a person on telegram?

  • The profile picture of the person will no longer visible to you and the blocked person will also no longer see your profile picture and online status.
  • If you message him, it will remain a single tick, he will never receive the message.
  • You might never invite the blocked person to a group.
  • You will still see their messages in group chats and their typing status — and they will see yours.

How To Unblock Your  Blocked Contacts

When you know “How To Block Someone On Telegram”, then you should also know about unblocking for future purpose.

If you wish to unblock the blocked contacts just simply follow these steps:-

  • Open the telegram app.
  • Top on the menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open Privacy and Security option.
  • Select the blocked users and open it.
  • Select the username you want to unblock.
  • Click on the unblock option.
  • And Done.

Telegram History

Telegram app is used as a messenger app for sending and receiving data such as text, pictures, videos, and other files. It was started in August 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the creators of VK the largest social network of Russia. telegram is a non-profit company located in Berlin, Germany.

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On 13 April 2018, the Russian government ruled to block the telegram app due to its refusal to grant the Federal Security Service (FSB) access to encryption keys needed to view user communications as required by federal anti-terrorism law. But still, the Russians try to use it by using proxies.

The telegram was launched for multiple platforms such as Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, MS Windows, Linux, OS X, with multiple languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal)).

Now the Telegram is having over 2oo million monthly active users across 84 countries, including about 40 million users in India, making the country its largest user base.

Telegram Features:-

Telegram is growing day by day at a very high rate and placing its existence between the most popular apps and the day is not so far when it will score on the top of the messaging apps and this is all because of its unusual features, some of them are:-

  • Night Mode.

You’ll have two options to choose from: Automatic and Scheduled. If you opt-in Automatic mode, it’ll switch based on the ambient light. With Scheduled mode, the night mode will start at a time that you set yourself. You can also choose at what percentage of the ambient lighting you’d like the auto-night mode to start at.

  • Proxy Server:

If you were more conscious of your online security then in this case  Telegram allows you to use a proxy server that can help you in protecting your data or use the app in countries such as Russia where Telegram is banned. Hence, while using any of the Telegram channels, you won’t face any issue with the downloads.

  • Mute Contacts and Groups:
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If you got a little too excited about Telegram download channels and joined a few too many groups and channels for like books, movies, web series, etc and too many notifications annoy you then you can always mute them without leaving them. That’s a great feature for those who don’t want to skip out on anything stuff but just want to have some peace and silence also.

  • Customize Your Telegram:

Telegram app also allows customization, you can create and enable your own made theme. Not only you can customize the app theme but there are many ways to change it and make your Telegram look exactly the way you want it to.

If you want to create your own theme, go to Settings – Theme and click “Create New Theme”. There, you can paint it, and change different elements until you get the desired look. For those who don’t feel like spending time on creating their own theme, there’s the option of searching for already made ones. Tap on the Search icon and search for themes that are already on Telegram.

You can also customize your chat background image. In order to do that, go to “Chat Background” in Settings.

  • Auto-Night Mode:

Telegram also features an auto-night mode that you can use during the night time. When you enable it on, the Telegram app automatically switches to dark mode. To enable the Auto-Night Mode, open the Telegram app, then go to Settings – Themes and click on Auto-

  • Secret chat feature:

There are many features but the best or which I personally like is the secret chat feature, as it has end to end encryption which makes more secure to share data on telegram, as well as no one can take a screenshot of the chat also which makes it more secure to do conversation over telegram.


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