How To Delete Telegram Account Permanently On Android, iPhone

Telegram is indeed one of the best instant messaging apps right now. It offers great features and privacy to the users. Even though if you want a break Telegram, we’ve created a guide on how to delete Telegram account Permanently on Android, iPhone, Windows devices. The process is quite simple and your account will be deleted instantly. All the data associated with your account will also be deleted from their servers. There are two ways using which you can delete your Telegram account. We’ve explained both the method here.

How To Delete Telegram Account

As we all know that there are dozens of features which Telegram offers to their users. It offers great community features such as groups, channels and more. Millions of people can join one single channel and this shows how great is this messaging platform. According to its official blog, they don’t even sell the user data to advertising agencies. Hence, user privacy is guaranteed and there’s no recent news where user data is leaked.

We can even use Telegram on a web browser and there’s even an official software for Windows, MAC, Linux. According to its founder, providing privacy to users is their #1 priority and there’s no way they’re going to sell the user data. However if you’re still not enjoying this great messaging platform, you can delete your account permanently.

Thanks to Telegram who’ve made this process really simple and fast. There are two ways, one is automatic and another is a manual process. Manual process allows users to delete their account instantly. We’ve discussed both ways in detail so that you can follow it easily.


How To Delete Telegram Account Permanently

There can be hundreds of reasons behind taking a break from the Telegram. Either you need a small break or you didn’t find anything interesting in this messaging platform. But we would like to let you know that this is the only popular platform which allows millions of members in one single channel. Users can even upload files up to 1.5 GB. People are widely using it to share millions of files every single day.

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Recently WhatsApp was being compromised by the attackers and it shows that the platform isn’t that secure. In fact, user data of WhatsApp is being used for marketing purposes. Telegram now even support stickers and many other addons which attracts the users. But if you’ve made your mind about quitting from the platform, go through all the two methods to remove the Telegram account permanently.

Method 1: Delete Telegram Account Instantly

In this method, we’ve shown a guide on deleting your account instantly. This method required authorization and you should have the Telegram app installed on your device as well. That’s because Telegram will send an authorization code to the app and the user need to validate it.

The process is really easy and straight forward to follow. This method is the same for all Android, iOS, and Windows users. Here are the steps to get started:

Note: Think twice before proceeding because once your account is deleted, you might not be able to create a new account on the same number for a few days. In fact, if you’re removing account because it was limitied, deleting won’t uplift the limitations. In fact, website from where account deletion request is submitted is blocked in some countries. In such case, prefer using a VPN.

  1. Visit the official delete account page.
  2. Enter your mobile number with country to delete telegram account
  3. Click on Next.
  4. You’ll receive an authorization code on the Telegram mobile app.permanently delete telegram account
  5. Now select Delete option from the list.
  6. Read the guidelines carefully and enter the reason behind deleting your account.
  7. Finally, click on Delete My Account to delete telegram account permanently on android
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This method is straight forward and it helps users to delete their accounts permanently. Steps are quite simple and easy to forward. Afterwards, you can uninstall the app and clear all the files which you’ve downloaded from the channels or groups.

Later on, if you want to join the platform again, you can do it after several days. So, don’t try to create a new account on the same number within a week at least. After around 1 week of duration, users are allowed to create a new account.

Method 2. Delete Telegram Account Automatically

If you’re busy enough and don’t want to follow the manual process, then we’ve also listed an automatic method. It allows users to delete Telegram channel permanently after a specific duration. All you need to do is set the required duration after which your account will be terminated and uninstall the application. This Account Self-destruction feature is very useful. Keep this in mind that it won’t delete your account instantly. Here are the steps to start with:

  1. Open your Telegram app.
  2. Tap on Menu and select to delete telegram account automatically
  3. Select the Privacy and Security option.delete telegram automatically on android
  4. Scroll down to the Advanced section.
  5. Choose Delete my account if away for option.
  6. Choose your desired duration (1 month recommended if in hurry).delete telegram account automatically
  7. That’s all, you can uninstall the app.
  8. Telegram will delete your account automatically after 1 month.
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Pretty simple, right! This feature is enabled by default for all the users but the duration is set to 1 year. After that time, all the user-related data is wiped out of the Telegram servers. Just make sure that only if you don’t perform any activity on the platform. So, make sure to uninstall the app and don’t use it for 1 month.


So, we rest our article here. We try to cover all the aspects related to “How To Delete Telegram Account”. Hoping that this article will turn as a beneficial article for your query. Till then check our site TelegramTutor for more telegram related stuff, if your mood gets changed from deleting your account.

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