55+ Best Telegram Channels For Books [Free E-Books PDF]

Looking for Telegram Channels for books? Well, we’ve collected some of the best channels which provide books in PDF file format.

Books are our best friends. That’s the million-dollar quote quoted by a book lover. We can educate ourselves about a lot of things by reading books. If you’re a book lover, then you should check out some of the best Telegram channels for books. Download free e-books pdf for free on those channels and read them anytime.

Improve your knowledge of different subjects by reading PDF Books. The benefit of reading E-Books is that it saves paper and money. All you need is a multimedia device that can display the contents of that book and you can easily read that book anywhere, anytime. In this digital era, you can also opt for the audio version of books. We have shared Telegram audiobooks channels where such audiobooks are shared for free.

Telegram Channels for ebooks pdf

A printed book costs more than $5 and the cost of books depends on paper quality, cover quality, etc. That’s the reason that people are opting for the E-Books as it also saves paper usage worldwide and is accessible anywhere.

You can get all types of books such as Literature, Novels, General Knowledge, UPSC Preparation, History, Language Books and so on. Different channels provide different types of books. All channels have different guidelines as well. Some of them provide books directly by posting the PDF file whereas some provide downloads from 3rd party websites.

Some websites provide E-Books for free whereas some ask for money. But, if you’ve joined the best Telegram channels for books, you don’t need to pay anything. That’s because all the content is provided for free. Join such channels today and improve your knowledge & reading skills. Books are mostly uploaded in PDF format and hence are easily accessible on all types of smartphones and computer devices.


Best Telegram Channels For Books

Here are some of the best Telegram channels for books:

Join Us On Telegram:

Channel NameJoin Link
Novels and Books PDF Free Join Channel
English Books Magazines Novels Join Channel
eBooks Only Join Channel
UPSC Books PDF Join Channel
BooksMania Join Channel
Magazines World Join Channel
Open Library Join Channel
NCERT Books Join Channel
PDF BOOKS Join Channel
Hindi Books Join Channel
Books & Magazines Join Channel
Books On Toast Join Channel
Books Xpress Join Channel
E-Books Join Channel
Indian Books Join Channel

Telegram Channels For e-Books Based On Language/Region

Indian Books Channels

Indian books are very unique and interesting to read. From knowledge scriptures/research to horror stories, every type of book can be found in Indian libraries. Authors are so creative that they’re structured the content in such a way that millions of readers from all around the world are attracted to their content.

That’s why we’ve covered some of the channels which provide Indian authors’ work. These communities are allowing interested users to download books that are written by some of the very popular authors. Here are some of the Indian books Telegram channels:

Channel NameJoin Link
Hindi Books Join Channel
Indian E-Books Join Channel
E-Books Hindi Join Channel
Library Of Hindi Join Channel
Best Seller Join Channel

Gujarati Books Channels

Gujarati authors are well known for their great writing skills and vocabulary. That’s the reason that their books end up in the best-selling section. A lot of people appreciate their work and they’re often awarded by awards. Regular readers even suggest that there’s no specific book that they recommend from any author. It totally depends on the genre the person is interested in.

That’s because every book is fine-tuned in such a way that it has something unique to offer. That’s why most Gujarati writers are admired by every book reader. Following are some of the great Gujarati books channels on Telegram:

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Channel NameJoin Link
Gujarati E-Books Join Channel
Gujarati Books & Magazines Join Channel
Books From Gujarat Join Channel
Books Thief Join Channel
Motivational Books Join Channel

Tamil Books Telegram Channels

The Tamil language is known as one of the most spoken languages all around the world. It’s also said that many languages are driven by this language. This language is mainly spoken in India and nearly 75 million people speak this language.

This shows how popular and important is Tamil. Hence, great writers have written novels, biographies, and many other types of books. If you want to read those books, make sure to join these Tamil books Telegram channels:

Channel NameJoin Link
Tamil E-Books Library Join Channel
Tamil PDF Books Join Channel
Tamil Books Join Channel
E-Books Tamil Library Join Channel
Books Depot Join Channel

Malayalam Books Telegram Channels

Channel NameJoin Link
Malayalam Books Join Channel
എന്റെ ബുക്ക്‌ ( Join Channel
Malayalam novels മലയാള നോവലുകൾ Join Channel
Malayalam audio Books & E-Books Join Channel
My Books Join Channel

Hindi Novels Channels (हिन्दी उपन्यास)

Novels are loved by almost every person. Such books are structured and written in such a way that it represents reality. But these fictional stories are being appreciated by billions of people worldwide. Hence, the genre of the novel in books is one of the best-selling genres.

Here are the Hindi novels Telegram channels:

Channel NameJoin Link
हिन्दी उपन्यास Join Channel
Hindi Novel & Comics Join Channel
Hindi Novels Join Channel
साहित्य/उपन्यास संग्रह Join Channel

Recommended Telegram Channels For E-Books In PDF

1. Books Express

Books express is one of the trending channels on Telegram which allows the users to download free E-Books. They provide educational, documentary, biography, entertainment, and storybooks for free. If you’re lucky enough, you can even get hands-on premium books for free. They even share some offers and coupons using which you can purchase books at a cheaper price or even free E-Books.

books xpress channel

Another feature of these channels is that they provide a detailed description of books that are posted on the channel. Details such as Author Name, Published Date, Credits, Ratings and so on. All these details help us to know more about the E-Books which are being published by the people to the group. In fact, you can request books from the people and there’s a huge chance that they’ll post it to the group within a few hours.

2. Books On Toast

If you’re looking for some interesting books such as storybooks, ghost stories, adventure, documentary, and so on. This channel also posts some educational books which are related to the history of some nations and these historical books can be an interesting choice to read. Hence, if you’re kind of person who loves to read interesting books, then you should join the “Books On Toast” telegram channel for free e-books.

books on toast

Most people who’ve joined the channel are downloading free books. All the books are provided in PDF and DOC file format so that it’s possible to open and read them in almost all the devices. Admins of this group also suggest some great devices which are perfect to read the E-Books in the best possible way. We highly recommend you to join Books On Toast channel so that you can know more about the E-Books community.

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3. Open Library

Open Library is indeed a library of online books. The collection of books that they upload to this channel is very broad and interesting. Those who love to learn more about other languages should definitely join the Open Library telegram channel. They’re even providing books from Oxford linguistics. This means the quality of books you’ll get in this group will be awesome and will be the world-class level.

open library channel

Another great thing about this telegram channel for the book is that they provide books directly. So, you don’t need to visit any 3-rd party downloading services to download the PDF. This makes the entire process hassle-free and it saves a lot of time. However, the download speed might be limited but still worth it. It’s one of the recommended group which you should check.

4. Books & Magazines

Another great channel is providing dozens of E-Books for free to the people who’ve joined the group. It’s an open and public group and you can look into the content which is being served into the channel. There are over 60K+ people who’ve already joined Books & Magazines telegram channel. They are taking advantage of all the free PDF which are uploaded.

books and magazines channel

If we talk about the types of books, they are generally providing very popular books and magazines. All of them are the most selling books worldwide.  But, what we liked the most is their interesting collection of magazines. Some research papers, documentaries, computer books, and many other topics related to books are provided for free. Hence, the content being provided isn’t limited to a particular topic.

 5. E-Books

With over 130K+ subscribers, E-Books is one of the major and leading providers of free books PDF. They are also focused on providing books related to exams so that subscribers can get full advantage of the group itself. Talking about the quality and range of books, everything seems pretty nice and balanced. PDF being provided are well structured and there’s no complaint with the E-Book quality. Along with the books, sample exam papers are also uploaded to the channel.

e-books telegram channel

Hence, those who are totally focused on studying according to the exam point of view should definitely check this channel. Most PDFs are related to Indian history, culture and other knowledgeable material. That’s why people who’re willing to learn more about Indian culture and history should prefer the E-Books telegram channel. All the regional books are being provided there for free of cost.

Importance Of Free Books

We’ve been told that books are our best friends. That’s because we can gain a lot of knowledge from our books. Books inspire us to do great things and we can even entertain ourselves by reading them. That’s the reason that our elder ones tell us to read books. But, the problem is that books are very expensive and it’s very expensive for us to buy books.

free books from telegram download

If you’re one of those who don’t want to spend money to buy books., but still want to read them then the best thing you can do is download E-Books. Some of them are paid and some have high costs. We all know that Amazon kindle offers dozens of free E-Books but we need to purchase Kindle for that. So, that’s a huge exception there for the users who’re looking for free books. But don’t worry as you can now download free books with the help of telegram channels for free books.

Most of the channels that we’ve listed in this article provide books PDF for free. That simply means that you can download them for free and can use a free PDF reader to read them.  There’s no subscription cost to all the channels that we’ve shown on the list.

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E-Book is a short form for electronic books. As the name suggests that it’s a book which is in electronic form. We can download these books digitally using a computer/mobile device. The main advantage of using an e-book is that we can access it anytime. There is no need to carry heavy books in your backpack.

Another great advantage of an e-book is that it saves a lot of paper and hence does the trees. Hence, if you’re considering e-books over printed books, you’re probably saving the environment. E-Book is convenient and can be read using your mobile device easily.

PDF Book

PDF is a file format and is known as Portable Document File. It is developed by Adobe in 1992 and is considered the greatest invention in the history of information sharing. With the help of PDF file formats, we can share large documents a number of times without losing the quality of contents/pictures inside the PDF.

It is the reason that most e-books are provided in PDF format. If you’re joining the Telegram channels for books, you’ll find that most of the books are shared in PDF file format. This file format is supported by most mobile phones and computer devices. Hence, anyone can read those books using their handset/PC.

How To Download Free e-Books From Telegram

Now, let’s talk about the steps you need to follow in order to download free books from the telegram channels we’ve shown on the list. There are around many telegram channels for books shown here.

All these channels provide books PDFs in a different way. Such as some provide PDF downloads from 3rd party sources and some of these channels directly upload the content to their channel.

Step 1. Join any of the best Telegram channels for free books.

Step 2. Look for the books which they’ve shared in the group.

Step 3. Now, click on the book that you want to download for free.

Step 4. Once the download is complete, open the PDF with the help of a PDF reader.

Step 5. Enjoy the E-Book content for free.

That’s all folks, these are the steps using which you can download and read books for free with the help of telegram books channels. Hassle-free process and no need to pay a single penny. That’s the beauty of Telegram channels and the community that believes that books should be provided for free to a number of people.

We highly recommend you use a big screen to read the E-Book. That’s because big screens provide great viewability. Using the larger screens for reading the books will also put less pressure on the eyes. In fact, if your tables support reading mode, then we highly recommend you to turn that on. It decreases the blue lights which emit from the tablet/mobile screen and gives relief to your eyes.


Telegram is a free platform and is used by millions of people from all around the world. People are using it for a different purpose. You should definitely take advantage of Telegram in order to get free access to premium content. Most Channels are run by non-profit organizations whose aim is to provide good content to people for free.

Telegram channels for books shown in this article are totally free and you don’t need to pay a single penny to download books PDF. If you found any channel very useful then make sure to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. So that they can also download books PDF for free with the help of Telegram.

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