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Hello Viewer, I welcome you to another article at TelegramTutor. This article is based on Telegram Education Channels. As its name suggests, we gonna provide you the best Telegram Channels, where you can learn some kind of knowledge.  So, if you were someone who loves education or wants to keep in touch with knowledge then this article will really be going to help you out.

Education is not something which we only study in schools, colleges or at any other educational institute, but in reality, the craft of education or knowledge is far beyond our thoughts. According to a writer, education can’t be limited to a few resources. Education is something that can come through anywhere, so why not Telegram.

Telegram Education Channels 6
Telegram Education Channels

We can’t refer education only to textbooks but it can be any awareness of any object. For example, if you have learned some new tricks which can prove useful in your daily task, then in this case, we refer to it as education or new knowledge. As I above mentioned that education can’t be limited and this world is a huge place with billions of people living in it and we also know that this earth has infinite stories or mysteries, so we need to keep our self educated every day, not only from textbooks but also from our surroundings. This is something which we called as informal education.

In this informal education, social media platforms play a vital role. As, these platforms gave opportunities to unite people in one place, so that if someone has some kind of knowledge or information, then he/ she can easily broadcast that information with a lot of people. And we have not only added the awareness information related Telegram Channels but also we have featured exam preparation channels, job alert channels, and daily G.K. revision channels. On TelegramTutor, you can also get special Telegram Channels for UPSC.

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I personally realized is we need a more user-specific social media platform, where can unite a large number of people, so can the information can be more productive. As it can help many people. So, in this context whats-app can’t be qualified because the user engagement is very less.  The Whats app group capacity is only 256, which is very low.

That’s why we choose Telegram, as its channel capacity is 200,000, which is far more than Whats app. And not only members capacity, but the features of the channel is also suitable for information sharing purpose. The accessibility of Telegram is also available at every device whether it is your mobile device, tablets and also on your computer device. And on TelegramTutor you can also learn “How to use Telegram on PC“. Overall Telegram creates a perfect picture for this task.

So, in this article, I gonna show you the 10+ Best and Useful Telegram Education Channels. Without wasting much time, let’s move to the main area.

List of Telegram Education Channels:

Channel NameJoin Link
EBooks & Magazines Join Channel
Join Channel
Join Channel
Ask Me Join Channel
Curiosity Tea™
Join Channel
English Slang Words
Join Channel
Join Channel
UPSC Prelims-2020 Test Series Join Channel
GovtJobsAlert.In Join Channel

Editor’s Picked Channels

1. EBooks & Magazines for Civilservices:

Telegram Education Channels 1

The aspirants who doing preparations for civil service exams can learn many things from this Telegram Channel. Civil Service exam contains questions from newspapers and educational magazines, and the admin of this Telegram Channel uploads ebooks of newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. So, aspirants can easily get newspapers and magazines on their mobile devices. So, if you are a civil service exam aspirant, then this is must join the channel for you.

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Join Channel

2. GovtJobsAlert.In:

Telegram Education Channels 3

People who are searching for jobs can join this Telegram Channel, as this channel’s admin only post details related to job vacancies. Searching for a job is really a tough job and irritating also. Many times we couldn’t even know about job vacancies, as it gets skip for any reason. So, to eliminate these reasons, this Telegram Channel is the perfect solution.

Join Channel


Telegram Education Channels 4
Telegram Education Channels 4

This Telegram channel will justify the fun side of education. Education is not always serious or intense but it can be interesting and full of fun. You may have read this statement that science is magical, so to know the fun side of education you should know the hacks of science. In this channel, interesting science hack videos area available and these videos are not only funny but educational also. So, if you are interested in science, then you must go to this channel.

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Join Channel

4. UPSC Prelims-2020 Test Series:

Telegram Education Channels 5

So, UPSC aspirants this is for you guys. Test Series, G.K. PDFs, and other educational stuff all these things will be provided at this channel. The admin of this channel only posts genuine content related to your study or preparation process. So, to boost up your preparation you should join this channel and must share this channel with your knows.

Join Channel


So, here we sum up this article named “Telegram Education Channels”. We have listed best and useful channels, also we have showcase come best Telegram Channels of education. So, that you can pick only the best ones. One thing, we want to clarify that these channels are not managed or created by TelegramTutor team, we have just picked the best channel, so join these at your own responsibility. And that’s all from our side. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment section.


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