How To Add Stickers To Telegram In Android, iPhone, and Windows

If you’re new to telegram and don’t know how to add stickers to Telegram in Android, iPhone, and Windows then we’re here to help you out. Telegram is one of the best instant multimedia messaging apps available for free. It supports many features such as: multiple phone numbers, bots, night mode, stickers and much more. You can even create your own Telegram stickers for free.

how to add telegram stickers

The user interface of the application is sturdy and hence it’s very simple to add stickers to Telegram. Users need to add stickers before sending them to people on telegram. Without adding them, you won’t be able to send stickers to anyone. We can add as many stickers we want and there’s no limit so far.


How To Add Telegram Stickers In Android, iPhone, Windows, Desktop

There are thousands of Telegram stickers available to choose from. Dozens of websites sharing them for free and you should probably try them out. The most exciting feature is that it comes with an emoji. It helps to understand the expression of the user who sent it. There’s no official store from where you can get them.

Instead, these are spread across the web with the help of some 3-rd party apps and websites. We’ve created a detailed process to add stickers to Telegram. Keep this in mind that these steps are the same for all the platforms e.g Android, iPhone, Windows, and Desktop as well.

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Here are the various methods you can use to add stickers to Telegram:

Add Stickers From Telegram Chat:

This step is useful when someone sent you a cool sticker that you want to use. In such a case, the process becomes much easy. This method works the same for all the devices. Here are the steps to start with:

  1. Tap on the sticker someone sent you on to add telegram stickers for free
  2. You should see a list of available images.
  3. Tap on Add Stickers option.add telegram stickers iphone
  4. You should see a message saying “New Stickers Added“.add telegram stickers android

That’s all folks! You’ve just added a sticker to your collection. Steps are the same even if you’re using iOS, Android, or on Desktop PC. Just make sure that the sticker shows in your collection.

Using Stickers Link:

If you’re looking for the stickers on the web, then most likely you need to add stickers to the Telegram using the link. Whenever anyone creates a new sticker pack, they’re provided with a link using which anyone can add them to their own collection.

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Websites sharing Telegram stickers for free to the people are using those links. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit a website from where you want to download stickers.
  2. Click on the Add Sticker option or the direct link.
  3. The phone will ask you the app using which you want to open that link.
  4. Select the Telegram application from the to add stickers to telegram
  5. Now tap on Add Stickers option.add telegram stickers desktop
  6. Success! You’ve added a new sticker pack to your collection.

Create Your Own Stickers Pack

This method was previously discussed by us and we’ve shown a detailed guide to create our own stickers pack. If you’re interested in creating your own custom stickers, then we highly recommend you to follow this method. Telegram provides an official bot that helps users to create their own stickers for free.

All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the bot. The process is very simple and we can even share them with friends and family members. You’re also allowed to share the pack on social media sites, web, and on telegram channels. These are the best platforms to give popularity to your self created stickers.

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Join Telegram Stickers Channels

As we all know that there are thousands of useful channels on Telegram which provides very useful information for free. Some of those channels are also providing us with free sticker packs which are submitted by a number of people. If you’re really interested in using the different packs on a daily or weekly basis then joining such channels might be very useful for you.

Follow these steps for better understanding:

  1. Join this interesting telegram stickers channel.
  2. Once joined, you’ll see a list of stickers posted on the channel.
  3. Click on an interesting one.
  4. Tap on Add Stickers option.
  5. You’re now eligible to use it in our chats.


We hope you get your answer on how to add stickers to the telegram question. The process is really simple and there’s nothing typical about adding stickers to Telegram. If you still have some doubts about the process or not able to follow the steps, then drop down a comment on your problem in the comment section. One of our Telegram experts will try to resolve your issue in a short time.

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