How Telegram Channel Earn Money | Top 5 Ways In 2023

Telegram is one of the best place to gain online subscribers and make money. If you also have a Telegram channel, learn how Telegram channel earn money and top 5 ways to monetize your channel.

Social media platforms are used by influencers to gain an audience and make money from it. On Telegram, people can create a free channel or group and start gaining subscribers. People join that channel/group and admins publish the various types of content. If you’re also interested in running a Telegram channel and earning money from it, you can try out five different methods to do so.

We’ve described the five different ways in this article. By following those step-by-step guides, you’ll learn how Telegram channel earns money and how you can monetize your channel as well.

how telegram channel earns money

Keep in mind that the process isn’t easy and you need to learn more about selling online. It includes learning how affiliate commission works and how to sell ads to your clients.

As an admin of your Telegram channel, you should be aware of your member’s interests. If you know their interest, it will be easier for you to sell them the right stuff.


How Telegram Channel Earn Money?

People monetize their Telegram channels via Affiliate links. People purchase a subscription/membership and channel admins are given a commission for each signup. Another way people use is by selling ads or giving shout-outs to other channels.

Other ways include running short links services or asking for direct donations from the members. Such methods work well on any Telegram channel without violating their TOS. These are the promising ways to earn money from a Telegram channel.

We’ve explained these methods in detail with every bit of information that you need. Keep in mind that your channel’s audience might be different than others. Hence, tweaking your monetization methods is necessary. Here are the top five ways to monetize your Telegram channel:

1. Do Affiliate Marketing

make money on telegram using affiliate marketing explained

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online. Sell any purchase/subscription to your audience and you’ll be rewarded for that purchase. There’s a fixed reward amount and it varies from one affiliate program to another.

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Telegram allows admins to promote their affiliate links on the channel. If you have a huge audience, post affiliate links to your channel and when people purchase any item from your link, you’ll be given a commission. It’s one of the best ways to monetize the Telegram channel and make money online.

Always keep in mind to sell the right stuff. If you have an entertainment channel, you can post affiliate links about online streaming services, etc. Many companies are looking for new customers and need people who can refer their services.

One more example of selling the right stuff is posting books, audiobooks affiliate links in study/books channels. Posting affiliate links that won’t match the interest of your audience will result in no purchases and no referral commission.

There are many affiliate programs e.g Amazon Affiliate, CJ Commission, Reseller Club, etc. No signup fee is required on such a platform. Make your free account, get your commission link, and post it on your channel/group.

If interested people buy that product/service using your link, you’ll see the reward amount on your affiliate program dashboard. It’s that easy to get started with this method to monetize your Telegram channel.

2. Give Shoutout To Other Channels

paid shout out on telegram to make money

It’s another best way to earn money from Telegram channel. Many Telegram marketers are looking for new members for their channels. If you are able to find such people, tell them about your channel and pitch them a shout-out idea.

Giving channel shout-outs is a very easy process and you can charge various amounts according to your audience size. Channels with thousands of active members can charge somewhere around 30-100$ or even more. It all depends on the type of audience.

In most cases, interested people contact channel admins on their own with their budget. There’s even no need to find such clients who are interested in paid shout-outs. But, if you haven’t been contacted by such people in a while, then you’re probably missing something.

When we talk about a Telegram channel, no one exactly knows who’s the admin behind that channel. Hence it becomes impossible for anyone to contact the channel admin.

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If someone wants to promote their channel using your channel, they might not be able to contact you. Because you haven’t left any contact info in your channel’s description. So, it’s always recommended to leave contact information in your channel’s description. It makes it easier for advertisers to contact you.

Here are the steps for those who don’t know how to leave contact information on your channel:

  • Make sure you’ve got your username on Telegram.
  • Go to your channel’s Settings and click Edit channel.
  • Along with your channel’s description, write this: For Promotions, Contact: @your_username
  • Save the channel settings.

Now when someone checks your channel’s description, they can easily contact you by clicking on your username. It makes it easier for the advertisers to come in contact with you and pitch their advertisement idea.

You can even put your E-Mail/Website in the channel’s description. It’s all about giving advertisers a method to contact you. If your audience is big enough, a lot of advertisers will contact you for paid shout-outs.

3. Offer Paid Membership

offer paid membership to make money on telegram

You can offer paid membership/subscription to your channel members. Tell them about your premium content and the cost of accessing that content. Accept payments via some 3-rd party payment gateways and provide access to that content.

For Example: If you’re providing free e-books to your members, you can tell them via a message that there are some premium books that can be accessed via paid subscription. Structure your subscription model and share it with your channel members.

Once you’ve started gaining paid members, it’s your duty to provide them with premium content. It can be done via many means such as sharing G-Drive links etc. It’s a little tricky but if your content is exclusive, there are many people out there who might purchase the membership.

Make sure your content is worthy otherwise you might lose your premium members. Provide them with top-notch content so that they don’t ask for refunds. It’s hard at starting but it is a must because if your content is worthy, the number of paid members will grow with time.

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4. Use Shortlinks Services

use shortlinks services to make money from telegram

This is another best method to earn money from your Telegram channel. Instead of posting content directly to the channel, provide it using 3-rd party file hosting servers. Shorten the download link using any Shortlink services and post it to the group.

When a user clicks on your shortened link, you’ll be given a reward. This monetization model works on the advertisement. You can either create your own Shortlink service or use the existing ones. Many URL shorteners are paying their publishers a good amount.

Such services include,,, etc. These services pay their publishers according to the traffic they send to their short links. If your traffic is from high CPC countries, it’s likely to earn a good amount from these services.

5. Paid Sponsorships

offer paid sponsorships on channel to earn money

Sponsorships are becoming one of the best ways to make money using the Telegram channel. Many companies want to advertise their products and services on social media. The best way they use is via telling social media influencers to post something about their product.

Promotion can be done via video/article/message etc. You can contact such companies on your own and let them know about your channel. If they’re interested, they’ll surely provide you a paid sponsorship offers.

But keep in mind that always promote brands that are relevant to your audience. Promoting irrelevant products and services might get your audience frustrated. Also, don’t do it too much as too many sponsorship messages can also ruin the user experience of your members in the group.

Keep it simple, minimum, and attractive to the users. So that they can also build a connection with the brand if they find it interesting. Paid sponsorship is also a way to monetize your Telegram channel.


Telegram is a great place to build your online community and make money from it. We’ve tried to explain how Telegram channel earn money and how you can monetize your channel. There can be many other methods to monetize channels and if you such methods, leave them in the comment section.

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