25+ Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Preparation In 2021

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UPSC, also known as Union Public Service commission of one of the nationwide competitive exams in India(UPSC, also known as Union Public Service commission which is one of the national level competitive exam in India). This exam is conducted for the recruitment of people in Administrative, Foreign, and Police services. Most youths in India are obsessed with this exam. This exam is so much popular that there are hundreds of coaching centers in the country charging thousands of rupees. If you’re also a UPSC aspirant, then you should definitely join some of the best Telegram channels for UPSC preparation in 2020.

It doesn’t matter from where you’re getting coaching for your exam. Most UPSC aspirants are able to crack the exam without getting any crash course or coaching from any institute. Studying regularly and following your schedule is the key to crack this exam. Most questions in the exam are related to the objective type.

As a UPSC aspirant, you should keep this in mind that proper guidance is very important. Without that, you won’t be able to get good marks and won’t be able to crack the exam. There’s no better place than Telegram channels for UPSC to get proper guidance. People in such channels and groups are preparing for competitive exams for years and they’re also giving free guidance to other aspirants. If you’re also interested in sharing your knowledge with other people, you can also create own Telegram channel. Then you can share all the study material and other stuff related to the exam.

Telegram Channels for UPSC

Our society needs great people in the administration. Without them, corruption will ruin the overall performance of the country. As you might have also seen that there are a lot of corrupt people in administration services. It results in corruption and a great loss to the country. That’s why there are different phases of the UPSC exam and after passing those phases, a person is able to get a post of IAS officer, etc.

Knowledge is the key to everything and in this exam, you probably need to learn different subjects deeply. There’s no need to be creative or anything like that. Just grab the subject, read & observe it deeply and remember the key points. Important subjects are Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Anthropology, Botany, and Chemistry. Clearing the UPSC exam is a clear game of strategy of preparation, study schedule, the capability of remembering things, etc.

But also keep this in mind that there’s an Aptitude test where all your capabilities for completing tasks are tested. This test is mainly based on judging the person’s capability of taking decisions and the ability to handle serious situations. There’s a lot more you need to consider in this exam. That’s why joining Telegram groups for UPSC is a great choice. People in such communities keep sharing great examination resources, newspapers, current affairs, books and more. All these resources are very important for preparation.

Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Preparation

Here are some of the best Telegram channels for UPSC preparation. Click on the Join button to become a member of these channels and groups.

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Channel NameJoin Link
UPSC IAS Join Channel
UPSC Materials Join Channel
UPSC Prelims Join Channel
UPSC Exams 2020 Join Channel
IAS Books English Join Channel
UPSC EPFO Join Channel
Vision IAS Channel Join Channel
UPSC PDF Join Channel
Lets Crack Join Channel
Target 30 Join Channel
Prelims Exams Join Channel
Current Gyaan Join Channel
Simplified IAS Join Channel
Exam Guide Join Channel
Only UPSC Join Channel
English Lliterature Join Channel
Defacto Law Join Channel
Botany For UPSC Join Channel
Officer 4 U Join Channel
In Marathi Join Channel

All these channels do have their own unique feature. Most of the channels are run by the people who are UPSC aspirants and are willing to help others by providing learning material for free. We’ve also listed some Telegram channels for UPSC in Hindi. These are useful for the students who’ve adopted the Hindi medium.

Top Recommended Channels and Groups For UPSC Preparation

Now let’s talk about the recommended channels which are preferred by thousands of students. We’ve featured all these channels on the basis of their consistency and type of content posted by them. There’s something more useful and important about the channels that we’ve described down below.


UPSC IAS is providing very useful content to users such as UPSC question paper, handwritten notes, PDF books and more. All the content can be downloaded for free from the channel and there’s even no need to pay for anything. Link to some useful resources such as an important question, most commonly asked questions, etc. are posted every week. What we loved the most is the availability of current affairs book PDF.

upsc ias channel

Most premium books related to competitive exams are freely distributed. If you’re a book lover, make sure to check out pdf channels where most books are provided for free to the members only. This channel is mainly focused on providing the Hindi-English mix content.

Join Channel

2. UPSC Exams 2020

This channel is more focused on promoting other groups where members can find useful noted and study material. It includes IAS and IAS exam notes, handwritten notes drive, classroom material and more. We’re pretty much sure that you won’t be able to get such amazing content anywhere else on the internet. All the material is shared by experienced teachers and students. They’re also promoting some great crash courses which provide great coaching classes to crack the exam.

upsc exam zone

Interviews from the aspirants who are able to pass the exam are also posted on the channel. Such interviews can be a great resource to know more about the tactics, tips, and tricks those people used to crack the examination. The importance of watching and learning from the preparation strategies of others becomes very important in all types of exams. Without them, you’ll end up learning things that aren’t necessary for the exam.

Join Channel

3. Books English

It’s a channel that is more focused on promoting the PDFs related to the IAS and HAS examination. The highlighted content includes test series, Hindi to English dictionaries, aptitude tests and more. The overall community is language-focused and is providing useful English language knowledge to the people. Those who are not good enough at speaking/writing English should definitely join the channel.

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english ebooks upsc

Some competitive exams include the English language and most of the questions aren’t that easy. It requires a deep and broad knowledge of the language to correctly answer all those questions. It also helps in understanding the question which is asked in the English language.

Join Channel

4. EPFO Channel

Interested in UPSC EPFO! Then you should definitely become a member of this channel. People here are posting video lectures and important study material which is very useful for the preparation. Our team has noticed that the lectures are being served and created by experienced teachers and lecturers. Hence there’s no doubt about the quality of content.

upsc epfo channel

UPSC continuously release post for EPFO every single year. Those who are interested in getting a job in this commission needs to learn and read the subjects asked in the paper. The difficulty level of the exam is also very high because thousands of applicants apply for this post every single year. Around 400-500 posts are released each year and might be a great opportunity for you.

Join Channel

5. Vision IAS Channel

Vision IAS telegram channel is another great resource for getting study material. With over 100K members in the community, it’s one of the very popular and useful telegram channels for UPSC. They keep sharing current affairs and events going worldwide. Those who want to be an IAS officer should definitely become a member of the channel.

vision ias telegram channel

Vision IAS is itself the best coaching institute in India. Hence great content creators and teachers are working for the institute. All the useful details, questions, test papers, etc are uploaded to the group. We recommend you to take advantage of all those freebies.

Join Channel

Reason Behind Joining Telegram Channels For UPSC

Now, most of you might think what’s the reason behind joining these channels. As the content related to the exam can be bought from the market. It includes books, test papers and so on so what’s the reason behind joining these channels?

Well, the reason is straightforward, it’s because you’ll get updates related to the exam. Not only the updates but premium test papers, books PDF, and more. Thousands of students have joined such groups and channels to form a community and prepare a strategy for the exam.

As we discussed earlier that the preparation strategy is the main key to crack UPSC. By joining such communities, you’ll learn from others and their ways, strategies to study. It’s completely free to join these channels.

How to Prepare For UPSC Exam Without Coaching

Now some of you’re still confused between opting for coaching or not. The answer to this is simple, if you’re kind of person who can study on your own then there’s no reason for getting coaching. But if you need proper guidance before learning something new then we recommend you to opt-in for coaching.

It should be clear in your mind that no miracle is going to happen after joining the coaching. The only advantage of joining such institutes is that they do provide a better and useful guide to all the students. Such guidance is provided by experienced teachers.

Such institutes also want to create a community where all their students and teachers can communicate with each other. That’s the reason they are also required to join the telegram channel and read/review all the content submitted by the teachers.

  • Preparation Strategy: We’ve pointed this many times earlier in the article that the preparation strategy is the most important thing. Without that, you’ll end up learning stuff that isn’t asked in the exams. In order to create a good strategy, you should read some online articles, learn from others who’re also preparing for the exams.
  • Tight Schedule: Yes, you heard it right, one should follow the tight schedule. Prepare a timetable that includes fixed hours of study, entertainment, and so on. If you follow that schedule, it’ll help you a lot in the long term.
  • Stay Focused: Don’t ever lose your focus and don’t lose hope. If you keep studying smartly, one day you’ll be able to crack the exam one day. There are a lot of opportunities in our life and with the knowledge that you’ll learn during the preparation, he/she can crack other exams outside UPSC as well.
  • Keep Your Knowledge Updated: It’s highly recommended to keep your knowledge updated and stay in touch with the current affairs. A lot of changes are going around the world and you should stay updated with all those affairs.
  • Don’t Stress: Stress won’t give you anything and it’ll even ruin your daily life. Study for the exam but don’t overthink the result. Go out with your friends, entertain yourself, spend time with your family. Having all these tasks in your schedule will make you more happy and productive.
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Tricks To Score More In UPSC Exam

Different tips and tricks might help you in clearing a UPSC exam. When a person is sitting in the exam hall, a lot of different thoughts are going in one’s mind. Some might feel stressed, some are happy because they know all the answers, while others are trying the remember answers.

  • Keep Your Answers Short: Remember, it’s not your college or school’s exam where you write a long answer and will be rewarded with good marks. If you know the answer, write it with great details but none of those details should be useless in any terms. Draw diagrams, graphs, and write examples and case studies to make your answer as genuine as possible.
  • Structure Your Answer: Make sure to structure your answer in a much better way. Ass paragraphs, headings, subheadings, etc. to your answer to make it content-rich. Bullet points and numbering your key points is another great tactic of structuring your answer.
  • Facts and Figures: Write some facts that you know about that topic. It’s also advantageous if you write some numerical data. But make sure all the facts and figures that you represent are real. Otherwise, you might be in trouble as the wrong details won’t make the examiner happy.
  • Diagram/Charts: Is a question contains topics in which you can draw some figures and diagrams, then go for it. Drawing attractive and useful charts and diagrams will make the examiner happy. In this case, things might get in your favor and you’ll be able to secure more marks.


You’re trying to be a part of Indian Administration Services by attempting the UPSC exam and that’s a great thing. As we all know it requires great efforts to clear such exams because each year, around 10+ Lakhs people are sitting for this exam. So your preparation should be good enough in order to compete with all those aspirants. make sure to join the Telegram channel for UPSC as you’ll get free guidance in such groups.

If you have some success stories or running a channel where you share content related to the exam, then feel free to drop a comment down below. We’re very excited to hear from our visitors and it helps us in improving our articles and adding more useful content that can help other readers.

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