How To Create a Telegram Account on Android & iOS

Want to join Telegram but don’t know how to create a Telegram Account? Don’t worry, we’ve covered this topic in details and have shown the step by step process to create new Telegram account on Android and iOS devices. Even if you’re using Telegram on any other platform such as Windows PC, the steps are the same and can be followed on all the platforms.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone device, you can still sign up for a new account using the Telegram desktop client. Telegram has made the process simple and easy to follow. They’ve developed their application for almost every single popular operating system. All you need is a smart device and a mobile phone number. According to its CEO, they’ll never share your device/number details with anyone.

how to create a telegram account

There are many benefits of joining Telegram such as full security and privacy. This amazing instant messaging platform offers cloud-based backup. So, unlike WhatsApp, you don’t need to create offline chats backup. Instead, all your files and messages will be stored on their cloud servers. People love joining some amazing Telegram channels, Groups to share information.

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Now, let’s directly jump towards the process of creating a Telegram account on Android, iOS, and PC. The process is quite simple. Just make sure you have a valid phone number and you haven’t deleted your Telegram account recently.


How to Create a Telegram Account on Android & iOS

Here are the steps to create a Telegram account:

  1. Download & Install the Telegram app on your device from the Google Play Store and App Store.
  2. Open the app and tap on the Start Messaging button.
  3. Enter your Phone to create a telegram account on android
  4. Enter that OTP code when asked by the to create a telegram account on ios
  5. Enter your First Name and Last Name.
    how to create a telegram account on windows phone
  6. Set your awesome Profile Picture.
  7. Allow Telegram to access your Contacts if you want to notify all your friends that you’re on Telegram.
  8. Start enjoying all the cool features of Telegram.

Note: Steps are similar on all the platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS, Android, or any other mobile device. Make sure you have a valid phone number and that’s all you need to get started.

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If you’ve allowed Telegram to access your Contacts, it’ll automatically notify all the users who are using Telegram. That’s amazing as it increases the chances of being contacted by your loved ones on the Telegram app. To get most out of this platform, make sure to join their Channels, Groups, and many other different communities.

How To Create Telegram Account On PC

Now let’s talk about the process to create an account on PC. Telegram allows us to do that using their Desktop client. However, we can use Telegram on the web browser, but we can’t sign up for an account using the web clients. For that, we need to install a Desktop client which is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux OS. Here are the steps to create Telegram account on PC:

  1. Download the official Desktop client from here.
  2. Install it on your computer device.
  3. Open the application and it’ll ask you the Phone to create a Telegram account
  4. Enter your valid phone number and click Next.
  5. You’ll shortly receive an OTP verification code on your phone number.
  6. Enter the OTP and click to create telegram account on pc
  7. Enter your First and Last name.
  8. You can also browse your favorite picture to set it as Profile Picture.telegram desktop create new account
  9. Click on Sign Up.
  10. That’s all, you’ve just created a new Telegram account.
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The process is very simple right! The desktop client supports almost all the features of Telegram and is very useful when you want to use Telegram on PC.  The main reason for using Desktop Client over the Web version is that Web version doesn’t support all the features of Telegram. But using the desktop client, we can send files, images, text messages, create pools, and so on.


We guess you’ve learned the process to create a Telegram account. If you’re still facing some issues such as number blocked or not able to download the app or the desktop application then drop down a comment. Our Telegram experts will look into the issue and will try to resolve your problem ASAP.

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